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You may have heard other license holders mention “going inactive” and wondered about the difference between inactive and expired. There is a big difference and it might be helpful for you to know.  

Active Status Renewal 

In most cases, you renew a license, complete the required continuing education (CE), and pay the license renewal fee every two years. Renewing this way provides you with an “active” real estate broker, sales agent, or inspector license, which means you can provide real estate services as a broker, sales agent, or inspector.  

Inactive Status Renewal 

You have the option to renew “inactive” or set your license to “inactive status” prior to submitting your renewal. With an inactive license, you pay the renewal fee every two years to keep the license current but are not required to complete CE. This means you are unable to provide real estate services as a license holder but would have an inactive and current license with TREC.  

Expired License 

If you do not renew your license at all, it will expire. An expired license can be renewed up to six months after an expiration date by completing the required CE and paying late renewal fees. You can apply for a reinstatement of a license if that license has been expired for more than six months, but less than two years. Once your license has been expired for more than two years, you must reapply for the license and would be subject to current requirements, including the required education and examination.  

If you are unsure about the status of your license, go to the TREC website and perform a license holder search for yourself, by name or license number, for real-time status information.  

What is the benefit of an inactive license?  

An inactive license is a current license that needs to be renewed every two years without having to complete CE. When you decide to provide real estate services again, complete the required CE, and submit a request to activate your license. Unlike with an expired license, an inactive license is not subject to any new license education and examination requirements.   Going inactive is a good solution for someone who is not providing real estate services currently but might want to do so in the future. 

How do you inactivate your license?  

  • Sales Agents – Log on to “My License Services” to terminate sponsorship and inactivate your license under “manage my sponsorships.” 

  • Brokers - Log on to “My License Services” to request inactive status.  

  • Inspectors - Log on to “My License Services” to request inactive status. 

TREC staff recently hosted a LIVE event to discuss this topic and answer questions. Watch the video below: