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Members of advisory committees are appointed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (the Commission). The Commission welcomes and encourages a diverse applicant pool. Based on the below requirements, the following timeline is implemented for purposes of making committee member appointments:

  1. Staff announces open membership positions via the website, email, and social media (when applicable) for applicable advisory committees and accepts applications before the relevant Commission meeting at which a selection committee is established.
  2. The Chair of the Commission requests volunteers for a selection committee of Commissioners for each committee at the Commission meeting prior to the need for official nomination of new members.
  3. Each selection committee must consist of at least one public Commissioner and at least one broker Commissioner. The selection committee consists of three Commissioners or two Commissioners and one current member of the subject advisory committee. Where appropriate, the selection committee may request input from a non-voting staff liaison (e.g., Director of Education and Examination Services).
  4. Staff will coordinate an initial selection committee meeting if necessary or desired by the selection committee and Chair.
  5. Staff will send all applications and materials to the selection committee members for their review.
  6. Selection committee members will give consideration as to whether an applicant currently serves on a different advisory committee and endeavor not to have individuals serve on multiple advisory committees at the same time.
  7. After the review period, the selection committee meets (virtual or in person) to decide who to recommend for appointment to the full Commission.
  8. An alternate appointment is included when appropriate in the selection process in the event that an unexpected appointment needs to be made. One alternate shall be selected for each member type and each alternate member will serve a two-year term.
  9. Appointments are made at the following Commission meeting.