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Courses are only acceptable for credit when the provider, instructor and course are all currently TREC approved.

Become an Education Provider or Instructor

Education Providers

A qualifying education provider is approved by TREC to offer qualifying real estate and inspector courses.  A continuing education (CE) provider is approved by TREC to offer elective and non-elective CE courses.

Become a Qualifying Education Provider

Become a Continuing Education (CE) Provider


The requirements to become an instructor of qualifying courses differ from those required to teach elective and non-elective CE courses

Become a Real Estate Qualifying Course Instructor

Become an Inspector Qualifying Course Instructor

Become a Real Estate Elective CE Course Instructor

Become a Real Estate Non-Elective CE Course Instructor

Become an Inspector Elective CE Course Instructor

Become an Inspector Non-Elective CE Course Instructor

Course Approval

TREC approved education providers must file an application for each course they want to offer for qualifying or CE credit.  Course requirements differ depending on the type of course you want to offer and the course delivery method. 

Offer a Qualifying Course

Offer an Elective CE Course

Offer a Non-Elective CE Course