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The Texas Real Estate Commission is pleased to announce the launch of our Renewal Education Information page on our website. On this page, anyone can review the education required for renewing your real estate sales agent or broker license. For now, this information is only available for sales agents and brokers who are within 90 days of their expiration date.

This new page is another example of the Commission's commitment to improving customer experience and expanding online services. This allows real estate agents and brokers to quickly identify the education they need to take to renew their license. The page clearly shows if the required non-elective education has been completed, the total hours of education completed for the renewal cycle, and a list of the courses that are being credited for this renewal. The information is displayed in real time from our database to make sure our license holders and the public have the latest information.

We have created a helpful video to show you how the new tool works: 

Can't watch the video? No problem, just follow these easy steps: 

  1. Go to our homepage. 
  2. Put your name in the license holder search. 
  3. Click on the "Renewal Education Information" link. 
  4. Find out what education you need to take to get your renewal completed!