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The role of the Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee is to provide recommendations to the Commission regarding the licensing, education, and regulation of inspectors in Texas to promote a high degree of service from the inspection industry and ensure the protection of the public.

The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee is made up of nine members, six inspector industry members, and three public members, who are appointed by the Chair of the Commission.

To submit a comment to the Inspector Committee, please contact General Counsel.

Office Name Member Type Term Expires
Chair Shawn Emerick Inspector 2023
Vice Chair Scott Regan Inspector 2026
Secretary Steven Rinehart Inspector 2023
Bruce Carpenter Inspector 2026
Brian Carroll Public Member 2022
Mike Morgan Inspector 2025
Dave Motley Public Member 2023
Keisha Moulton Public Member 2023
E. Lee Warren Inspector 2025
R. Scott Kesner Broker Member, Committee Liaison