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The chart below shows applications grouped by categories.  You can track the progress of an individual new sales agent application using our application status tracker.

The processing dates provided below are updated every Monday by 3:00 PM Central Time
The dates in the table below reflect the Received Date of the documents that we are currently processing. During the last two weeks of the month, we concentrate our efforts on processing timely submitted license renewals and supporting documents for license holders who expire at the end of that month. 
Type of Transaction Currently Processing Documents
Received On: 

Initial Online Sales Agent Applications and Supporting Documents

June 3, 2019

Initial Individual Online Broker Application June 10, 2019
Individual Broker/Sales Agent Renewals

June 13, 2019

First-time Sales Agent (SAE) Renewals

May 28, 2019

First-time Online Business Entities

June 10, 2019

Business Entity Renewals/Documents

May 22, 2019

Assumed Business Names (DBA) or Team Names

June 3, 2019

Initial Inspector Application June 4, 2019
Inspector Renewal June 1, 2019
Easement or Right-of-Way June 10, 2019

Background Checks

The processing times noted above DO NOT apply to initial and renewal applications referred for additional review due to background check results. These applications are made confidential to protect the applicant.  Any information, including processing status, cannot be disclosed by our call center.  In those instances, if any additional information is needed concerning your application, you will be contacted directly by our enforcement division.