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Qualifying Education Providers are approved for a four-year term.  Approved Qualifying Education Providers are required to pay an annual fee to maintain active status and must re-apply for re-approval or subsequent approval of their provider license every four years.

Pay your Annual Fee

  1. File a completed Education Provider Annual Fee Application
  2. Provide a statement indicating whether or not there are any judgments, petitions or liens against the school.
  3. Submit copies of advertising that have been used by the school during the past year. If you do not advertise, submit screen shots of your provider website.
  4. Pay the required fee.
TREC has developed an education provider annual fee application checklist as a resource for qualifying education providers.

Apply for Re-Approval as a Qualifying Education Provider

Re-approval as a qualifying education provider is subject to the same standards as initial approval. 

File Your Application

  1. File a completed Qualifying Education Provider Application within 90 days of your expiration date. TREC will not require a financial review for re-approval if you have a current statutory bond on file and there are no unsatisfied money judgments against you.
  2. Pay the required fee.

Providers cannot enroll students in courses 60 days before the provider's expiration date, unless the provider has submitted an application for re-approval at least 60 days prior to the current expiration date.

TREC has developed a qualifying education provider application checklist as a resource for qualifying education providers.

Re-Approval of Real Estate and Inspector Qualifying Courses

Qualifying courses are approved for a four-year term.  Approved qualifying education providers may submit a new Qualifying Real Estate Course Application or Qualifying Inspector Course Application 90 days prior to the course expiration date.  Re-approval is based upon the current standards for initial approval and the application must include all requested materials.  If the current course approval has expired, you may not offer the course until you have received a new course approval letter.

NOTE:   Providing a letter of certification indicating that there have been no changes to the content, presentation, design and delivery of the course, other than relevant statutory or rule updates and/or updates to promulgated contract forms, may accelerate the re-approval process.  A certification letter should be issued by the provider's operations manager or owner and submitted with the application. 

As a reminder, providers must ensure instructors are qualified to teach specific qualifying courses.