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Qualifying Education (QE) Providers may offer mandatory and elective qualifying courses in Real Estate, Inspection or Easement or Right-of-Way that have been approved by the Commission. 

QE providers must:

  • Satisfy Commission requirement to administer courses with competency, honesty, trustworthiness and integrity
  • Demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to do business in Texas
  • Maintain a fixed office in Texas or designate a resident of Texas to act as attorney-in-fact to accept service of process
  • Ensure instructors are qualified to teach specific qualifying courses
  • Not conduct business until you have received an approval from the Commission
QE Provider Application
Apply by Mail

Accredited Colleges/Universities, United States Armed Forces Institute and Nationally Recognized Professional Designation Institutes must:

TREC can request additional information during the review process, so please be sure your contact information is accurate. 

Approved QE providers may use the links below for information on how to submit real estate, inspector or ERW QE course applications.

Real Estate QE Courses

Inspector QE Courses

ERW QE Courses