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Form Name:
Background History Form (Form ID: BH-3)
Effective Date:

Who should fill out a Background History Form?

This form is to be submitted with any application, form or Fitness Determination as directed where a "Yes" answer was given to any question regarding other licenses held, pending lawsuits/judgments, criminal history, unlicensed activity.

Helpful tips for filling out the Background History Form:

  • Be sure to completely fill out the Background History Form.
  • Disclose everything.  Failure to disclose everything violates TREC Rules and laws and also delays the process.
  • Attach a separate form for each additional license, judgment, or crime that you need to report.
  • If you have a criminal background, you should disclose all misdemeanor and felonies even if they are old offenses. You should also disclose all criminal offenses where you were placed on parole, probation, or community supervision (also known as deferred adjudication) even if the case was later dismissed.
  • If you complete questions 4 and 5 of the Background History Form, you must provide a license history signed by the appropriate state licensing agency.
  • If you complete question 6 of the Background History Form, you must provide copies of all petitions, responses, and judgments.
  • If you complete question 7 of the Background History Form, you must provide indictments, information, charges, judgments, orders, motions to revoke, and parole/probation/community supervision release, for each criminal offense, even if you have submitted these documents with a previous TREC form or application.


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