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TREC values our active and veteran military service members and their families. We know the process of becoming licensed can be overwhelming. In addition to the state veterans portal available for all veterans, we have created this page as your one-stop shop for all the information about benefits we offer to veterans, service members and spouses applying for a license as a real estate professional in the state of Texas.  

How to Apply for a License 

If you are a military service member, veteran or spouse, we have procedures in place to expedite and assist you in applying for a license with TREC.  

  1. Go to the page for the type of license you want and read the qualifications and requirements for that license. 
  2. Complete an application for the type of license you want
  3. Fill out and attach the Supplemental Form for Military Service Members, Military Veterans, and Military Spouses to your license application
  4. We will waive the base application and examination fees if:
    1. your military service, training, or education substantially meets the requirements for a license; or
    2. you hold a current license issued by another jurisdiction whose licensing requirements are equivalent to the requirements for this license in Texas.
  5. You must comply with fingerprinting requirements and satisfy the Commission as to your honesty, trustworthiness and integrity.
  6. You must take and pass a written examination.  License examinations are administered by Pearson VUE, a testing service company.  Exams are offered on military bases for active and retired military, dependents and contractors.
  7. If you are a service member or veteran you may request to have your military education, training, or experience evaluated for credit toward the requirements for a license. 

Other Ways TREC Can Help Military Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses: 

  • Your license will issue on an expedited basis if you hold a current certificate or license issued somewhere other than Texas, keeping in mind that the licensing requirements must be substantially equivalent.
  • Texas residents who enter military service and resume their Texas residence immediately upon separation from the military have not lost their Texas residency unless they have established legal residence elsewhere.
  • TREC may be able to issue a license to an applicant who holds a license in Texas within the five years preceding the filing of the application
  • TREC can allow an applicant to demonstrate competency by alternative methods to meet the requirements for obtaining a license. 
    • The standard method of demonstrating competency is the specific examination, education and/or experience required to obtain a particular license.

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