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Welcome to the TREC Relationship Management Tool User Guide. This tool allows both sales agents and brokers to easily manage their relationships, online, without delay. This User Guide provides an in-depth understanding of how the tool works, as well as easy to understand, step by step instructions.


  • If you are a current license agent and have not already registered, you must first register with “My License Services”. It is recommended that you register with your personal email address.

NOTE: If you have already registered, you will need your log in information (email and password) to continue. If you can’t remember your log in or password, you can select, “Forgot User ID?” or “Forgot Password?” in the upper right hand corner of the website. If you have registered and remember your password, log in and go to STEP 3.

  • To register, click the “Register Here" to proceed – The link is located underneath the "Become Licensed" box in the middles in the homepage.
  • Click “Register Here for get a User ID”.
  • Under the New User sections, select “Begin Here for Sign-up”.
  • Enter your information for User Registration. 
  • You will then be asked to review your registration to ensure that the information provided is correct. If it is, click “Save,” if it isn’t, click “Edit” and you will be taken back to the previous screen to edit your information.
  • Once you click “Save” a temporary password will be sent to you from TREC/TALCB ( via your registered User ID/email address. Please go to the inbox of that email account and retrieve your temporary password from the email.
  • This may take a few minutes. If you do not get the email, check your spam or junk folder, or scroll down in your inbox and check the time sequence to confirm it was not received earlier.
  • Once you receive your temporary password, you will need to return to the registration home page to log into the system. To log-on, type both your username and password and click “LOGIN.” The first time you log in, you will use the temporary password that was sent to you in the email from TREC/TALCB. The system will then prompt you to give yourself a new password. Fill out the fields and click “Save.” You have completed registering and creating a username and password with TREC/TALCB.

KEEP YOUR USER ID AND PASSWORD! – This user ID and password are needed to log in every time you want to use our online services. DO NOT lose this information.


If this is your first time logging into “My License Services” you will need to add your license to your account. The system will guide you through a three step process to help find your license information. Once you have confirmed your license information, you will access the “Quick Start Menu”. If you have already registered and added your license to your account you will access the “Quick Start Menu” automatically upon logging in.


Welcome to the TREC/TALCB Online Services Quick Start Menu! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with its available features:

  • Update Profile. This will give you access to update your user ID and password. This also allows you to add an existing license to your account.
  • Contact Us. This will allow you to easily send an email to us from within the system with an inquiry about your license. Please remember to include your name and license number when emailing the agency.
  • License Information. Allows you to see what TREC/TALCB has on record for your license.
  • Change your license information. This drop down menu gives you several options depending on your license. From here you can update your contact information and manage your relationships, including sending and receiving invitations for sponsorship.
  • Start a new application will show you all of the available applications to you. These are for new licenses only (This is not applicable for your renewal – this information will reflect as “It’s Time to Renew” when your renewal is available.).
  • View Application Status. This will appear when you have submitted an application online but have not yet been issued a license.
  • Additional Activities.  This will appear when you have initiated an application but have not completed the process.  Typically reflects as “Make Payments” for the pending applications.

NOTE: “It’s time to renew!” will appear on your main menu within 90 days of your license expiration date. If your license is not within this 90 day renewal period, this option will not be available to you.


  • Select “Manage My Relationships” (RMT) from the drop down options available under “Change your license information”. Depending on your license type, you can select an option for either sales or brokers.
  • Click “next” to continue to the Relationship Management Tool (RMT) after reading the introductions.
  • On the “Manage My Sponsorship” page you can access a list of your current or requested sponsorships and send new sponsorship requests. To request a new sponsor, click “Request Sponsor”.  (To invite a sales agent, click “Invite Agent”.)
  • Once the text box opens, enter the license type (Real Estate Individual or Real Estate Company) and the license number in your search criteria. Click “Search”.
  • After your search is complete select your broker or salesperson with a check mark.
  • After selecting the correct broker or salesperson, you can modify the text to compose your request or invitation.  Click “Request” or “Invite” depending on your license type.
  • Verify the information for the pending sponsorship and click “Next”.  If you detect an error you can select “Undo Request/Invite”.
  • At the Application Summary you will select “Submit”.
  • For the Statement of Applicant you will select “Yes” to certify the application and then click “Next”.
  • You can select “View PDF Summary Report” for your Application Summary.  This summary will also be sent via email to the email address used for your User ID.

NOTE: The sponsorship request/invitation will not be sent until you have completed the attestation.


  • After the transaction is complete an invitation is sent to the requested individual. They can log in and select “Manage My Relationships” to access their pending relations. You can view, accept, or decline invitations/requests in the same location. The options are available under the “Actions” column of the menu.
  • If you are a broker, once a relationship with a salesperson has been established, you can use the tool to easily filter your sponsorees or search for your sponsorees by license number. Brokers can also use this tool to designate supervisory status for any of their sales agents by clicking the box next to their name in the “DesgSpvsr” column.
  • Both salespersons and brokers have the option of using the tool to terminate their current relationships at any time by choosing to do so under the “Actions” column of the menu.


Thank you for using the Relationship Management Tool on TREC’s “My License Services”. This tool is designed to help you manage your business in an easy way. If you have any additional questions, please contact TREC at 512-936-3000.