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The Texas Real Estate Commission is pleased to announce the launch of our new automated Certified License History tool. This new features allowing anyone to print a certified license history ON DEMAND for FREE! This is just one more way TREC is working to simplify our processes to provide excellent customer service.

Who Can Use the Tool? 

Anyone can use it, but it is primarily designed for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Inspectors, or Easement and Right-of-Way agents/businesses licensed with TREC. Current license holders often need to provide a certified license history when applying for another license in Texas or out of state.  This new tool will eliminate the need to submit a form, pay a fee, and wait for agency staff to process the request. With the simple click of a button, this new tool will produce a Certified License History that contains key license data, such as license status, initial issue and expiration dates, disciplinary history (if any), and education history! A Certified License History is not available for any license expired for more than four years.

How To Get A Certified License History

  1. Type a name or license number in the "License Holder Search" tool on our website's homepage. 
  2. When the results appear, click on the "Print License History" button next to the license holders' name. 
  3. The tool will create and download a report in PDF format. Open the PDF and print the Certified License History! 

Need Additional Information About A License?

Additional information regarding your license, such as periods of active and inactive status, or sponsorship history, is still available by submitting a form.

Still Have Questions? Check out the video below: