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Ensure your payment can be received and processed correctly and quickly by the agency and without being rejected. 

When the agency receives an unidentified payment by mail, or a payment that does not include any identifying information or supporting documentation, that payment must be rejected and mailed back to the return address. This delays processing and can be avoided by following the simple tips below.  

Send your payment with identification 

  • Include your name and license or TREC ID number on the front of the personal check or money order.  

  • Include an application, form, letter or a note that lists your name, license or TREC ID number, address, and phone number and the purpose of the payment. You may also include a printout of any communication from the agency requesting the payment. 

  • Do not send a check with an old address or different name than what is associated with your license or application without a letter or note that includes your name and license number or TREC ID.  

Double-check your fees  

  • Make sure the amount of money you are sending to the agency is the correct amount. If the check or money order is made out for the wrong amount for the transaction, TREC will reject it.  

  • All TREC fees are published on our website.  

Send payment before it is due  

  • Complete your renewal or application requirements early and send your check or money order before it is due. This way, if there are complications, your license or application will not expire.  

The easiest, fastest, and most secure way to make a payment with TREC is online. However, we know that’s not always an option. Be sure, when sending a payment to TREC, you follow these tips and call our team if you have any questions.