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The Commission adopted rules at the August meeting that implement significant changes to the education, experience, and exam requirements for real estate and professional inspectors.  These changes are a reflection of the Agency’s commitment to making pre-licensing requirements more impactful while minimizing undue burdens on new applicants entering the industry. 

The total number of hours of pre-licensing education has been reduced by nearly half of the number of hours currently required.  New course modules that more closely align with the national exam content outline and Texas-specific components will replace current pre-licensing courses.  An applicant without sponsored experience as an apprentice or real estate inspector will have the ability to complete additional Texas modules and a practicum in place of experience.  These changes will provide a consistent approach to inspector education and better prepare applicants to enter the industry. 

Additional changes to exam requirements allow an applicant to complete all of the national course modules and take the national portion of the licensing exam prior to taking the Texas modules and state portion of the exam.  Applicants who take all national and state modules may still be able to take both portions of the exam simultaneously.

Education providers may begin preparing and submitting new course module applications to TREC immediately.  Course applications and course approval forms are available on the TREC website.  Students may enroll in new courses as soon as they become available. However, they may not apply for a license until the effective date of the rule, March 1, 2021.

Students who begin current pre-licensing courses before March 1, 2021, will be granted until June 30, 2021, to complete all required course work and submit the real estate or professional inspector application.