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The 40 Hour Texas Practicum is a pre-licensing requirement for applicants following the Substitute Experience and Education Requirements for a Real Estate or Professional Inspector.  A Ride-Along session is no longer a requirement for pre-licensing, but is still an option for obtaining inspector continuing education (ICE) credit. 

The Texas Practicum must consist of a minimum of five complete in-person inspections and include no more than four students per inspector.  Inspection reports prepared by students must be considered satisfactory for release to an average consumer and demonstrate an understanding of:

  • report writing;
  • client interaction;
  • personal property protection; and
  • concepts critical for the positive outcome of the inspection process.

Inspection reports are evaluated by the supervising instructor.

In order to receive ICE credit for completing a Ride-Along inspection, the Ride-Along must consist of one full residential property inspection and cover applicable standards of practice and departure provisions defined in TREC rules §535.227 - §535.233.  A Ride-Along inspection shall consist of no more than two students per session. Both the licensed student and the supervising instructor are eligible to receive up to eight hours of ICE credit within each two-year license period.

The supervising instructors of the Texas Practicum and the Ride-Along sessions must have:

  • Been actively licensed as a Texas Professional Inspector for at least five years; and
  • Three years of experience supervising and/or training inspectors; or
  • Performed 200 real estate inspections as a Texas Professional Inspector.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to an Education Specialist with any questions