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As a reminder, course content, text materials, quizzes, exercises, and exams can be electronically shared with TREC through SharePoint.  We do not need these items physically mailed to our office. Materials received by mail must be scanned to an electronic version for processing.  The only thing that must be sent by mail is the application form and the required fee.  Once you have mailed your application and payment, contact the Education & Examinations Division at to receive instructions for using SharePoint.

If you are unable to submit documents electronically, please remember the following:

  • When sending multiple applications in a single mailing, please be sure to include a cover sheet listing each course title and the check number submitted for each course.
  • Do NOT staple any of the documents; and
  • When necessary, use only rubber bands, binder clips, and paper clips.

If you have any questions, please contact an Education Specialist for more information.