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TREC has been made aware of a scam requesting information from license holders. The request is sent by email by someone posing as the Texas Real Estate Commission and asks that information be provided to them and provides a link to follow (see example emails).

Please disregard emails asking you to provide information to TREC, especially anything linking to a third party website.  If you have a question about a request for payment from TREC, you can contact us at: with “SCAM Notice” in the subject line.


Robert Miller, Your payroll details need updating, please click below to start the update.

Update Your Account Details


Dear, Robert Miller 


We have recently upgraded our database system, as a security measure we need you to confirm your details for your License. 

Please review and enter your details at the link above  - by clicking on the "Update Your Account Details" above button.

Failure to update your acount details will result in possible loss of course credit information for this calendar year 2018. Please make sure to update the details as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


Texas Real Estate Commision