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  • New TREC Website Launched

    Designed with the user in mind to enhance online interaction with the agency.

  • New SOP Pocket Edition Now Available

    Now you can take the Inspector Standards of Practice with you anywhere you go. TREC staff has put together this version of the SOPs, which is small enough to fit in your back pocket. This version of the SOP is color coded by section so that you can find what you’re looking for with ease:

  • What is the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account or Inspection Recovery Fund?

    law books, gavel and house

    TREC has two recovery funds available to reimburse consumers who suffer damages caused by TREC license holders:  The Real Estate Recovery Trust Account and The Real Estate Inspection Recovery Fund. Consumers may apply for reimbursement from the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account after filing suit and obtaining a court judgment for damages against a licensed real estate broker, sales agent, or easement/right-of-way agent.

  • Using an App to Hire a Temporary "Showing" Agent? Beware!

    man looking at chalkboard

    If you don’t know what you are doing, you could be violating TREC’s rules.

  • TREC received 2016 Education Award from ARELLO


    The course is recognized for the second time since 2012.