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The Commission recently voted to eliminate references in TREC rule §535.92(f) to professional designations and automatic CE credit for taking courses required to obtain one of these designations. These amendments eliminate an alternative path for license holders to request CE credit for professional designations and removes the list of specific designations. 

These amendments do not prohibit CE credit for courses taken to obtain a professional designation, but instead require these courses to be submitted to TREC for review and pre-approval in the same way all other courses are reviewed and approved.  The Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC) recommended these changes as a better way for the agency to maintain oversight of course content and delivery mechanisms, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.  Additionally, removing the language referencing specific professional designations allows for broader acceptance of professional designation courses as they may shift with industry trends. 

Changes to §535.92 are effective December 2, 2021.  Please contact an education specialist if you have any questions.