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The rules for advertising on social media platforms are NOT exactly the same as the rules for putting a link to the IABS and CPN on a social media platform used as a business website because the requirements for each rule differ.

Rule 535.155, Advertisements

For an advertisement on social media or by text, the information required (license holder’s or team name and broker’s name in at least half the size of the largest contact information) may be located on a separate page or on the account user profile page of the license holder or team, if the separate page or account user profile is:

  1. readily accessible by a direct link from the social media or text advertisement; and
  2. readily noticeable on the separate page or in the account user profile

Rules 531.18, Consumer Protection Notice (CPN) and 531.20, Information About Brokerage Services (IABS)

For purposes of providing the required link to the CPN and completed IABS when a social media platform is being used as a business website, the link may be located on:

  1. the account user profile; or
  2. a separate page or website through a direct link from the social media platform or account user profile page.

Need More Help? We hosted a Facebook LIVE session last month and we talked about all things, advertising, IABS posting, and social media. Here is the full video: 

For your convenience, we have also posted the full presentation with examples on our website as well

Published September 2018