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Effective February 1, 2021, sales agents and brokers will be required to complete three hours in contract-related coursework as part of the 18 hours of continuing education (CE) required to renew a license.  The following changes have been made to help providers and license holders identify contract-related CE courses: 

  • A “contracts” search filter is available on the Approved Real Estate CE Course List, which allows license holders to search for contract-related courses; and 

  • The education history on the License Holder Search tool now includes subject areas for courses, including electives, contracts, Legal Update I and II, and Broker Responsibility. 


  • Acceptable CE contract courses must be devoted solely to the topic of real estate contracts. 

  • The CE Course Application form now includes an item allowing providers to request a new course be reviewed to satisfy this requirement. 

  • Providers that have CE courses currently approved that may satisfy the contracts requirement, are encouraged to request a subsequent review by submitting the Contracts Course Identification form

  • Providers must receive written approval from TREC before advertising that a CE course has been approved to satisfy the contract course requirement.