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Qualifying course examinations must satisfy TREC rule 535.65(h).  This means:

  • All final examinations must be closed book and kept confidential.
  • Exams must be proctored by a member of the provider faculty or staff, or a third party proctor acceptable to TREC who:
    • is present at the test site or able to monitor the student through the use of acceptable technology; and
    • is able to positively identify that the student taking the exam is the student registered for and taking the course.

Education providers may request a review of an alternative method of exam proctoring than was originally approved.  For instance, a provider may have originally utilized in-person proctoring, but has since developed tools that would be acceptable for proctoring through technology.  Providers who would like to shift to another proctoring method must send an email to education staff and include proposal details that satisfy the above requirements.  Providers may not advertise alternate methods of proctoring until written notice of approval has been received.