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TREIC Chair Lee Warren

The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee (TREIC) met April 15 in Austin. The agenda was light, as much of the work being done is within the subcommittees at this point.

SOP Subcommittee Report

The Standards of Practice subcommittee has begun the long process of reviewing the current Standards of Practice. This is the start of a cycle that typically lasts a year or two. All aspects of the SOPs will be under review for any possible modifications or updates that may need to be made. I highly encourage inspectors to get involved in the process early. The subcommittee meetings are posted on the TREC website and are open for all to attend. You can even attend remotely. If you have recommendations that you would like considered, you can email them and they will be provided to the subcommittee. Please keep in mind that your comments and suggestions will be a matter of public record.

Education Subcommittee Report

The Education subcommittee has been looking into the possible elimination of the real estate inspector license type and adding education requirements to become an apprentice inspector.

Real Estate Inspector License Remains

Past iterations of the committee had recommended eliminating new applications for the real estate inspector license type. The thought behind that recommendation was to reduce the administrative burden on staff for a license type is not often used. After multiple discussions with current committee members and staff, who indicated keeping the license was a reasonable workload, the subcommittee recommended the real estate inspector license remain an option for applicants.

Apprentice Inspector Education Requirements Considered

The subcommittee is still exploring the committee’s recommendation there be an education requirement to obtain an apprentice license. The subcommittee will examine a possible four-hour pre-licensure class and exactly what that would cover. The committee believes a consistent education component to start someone off in the industry is a good way to ensure that all apprentice inspectors are equipped with the core knowledge needed for an apprentice as it relates to the Standards of Practice and other Texas requirements.

Inspector Succession Planning

Members of TREIC also discussed succession planning, or what would happen to inspectors should their sponsoring inspector pass away. Technically, if the sponsoring inspector passes away, all sponsored inspector licenses become inactive, and they are not allowed to perform any inspections until such time that they are sponsored by another qualified inspector. This happens rarely on the inspector side, but instances of this have happened for inspectors and real estate sales agents. TREC does offer a certain grace period if this situation arises to allow companies to adjust and keep their businesses running. Inspectors who sponsor other inspectors should have a plan in place should the unthinkable happen to ensure that those in which they sponsor will still be able to perform inspections.

Where to Find Meeting Materials

Download the meeting materials and watch the meeting recording.

Upcoming Meeting Details

The next meeting of the Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee is July 15 at 10 a.m. CT.