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Written By: Paul Staron - Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI) has developed and maintained the National Home Inspection Exam (NHIE) since 1999.  The exam is the cornerstone for entrance into the profession of home inspection in the United States and Canada.  It is accepted in 28 states as a key component of licensing requirements and is certified through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) as part of the certification program of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).  The NHIE is the only psychometrically valid exam of its type in the profession.  This means it adheres to strict standards of exam question scope, relevance, structure, and delivery.

The exam is based on a template or outline of what constitutes the profession of the home inspector; the knowledge the inspector is required to have and which components in the home are to be inspected.   While most functions of the home inspection haven’t changed much over the years our profession continues to evolve.  Changes in building technology, tool technology used and methods of conveying information change and it is vital for the NHIE to stay current with these changes.

To maintain that currency, EBPHI performs a Role Delineation Study (RDS) every 5 years.  The study analyzes the profession to understand what changes have occurred, and updates the exam template the exam questions are based on.  The 2017 RDS Study is underway and home inspectors will soon be contacted to provide their input on the tasks they are performing.  This will be in the form of an emailed survey.  Some of these survey emails may come from your professional association, state association or from EBPHI directly.  Unlike past surveys, our goal with this survey is to keep it much shorter (under 30 minutes) and to provide a gift card as a thank you upon completion.  The survey requests will be sent to all 50 states and all of the Canadian provinces (English and French).  Your participation is vital to ensure a proper understanding of our changing profession.  The survey will include which tasks we are performing as part of our basic home inspection along with ancillary services we might offer, such as termite inspections, mold, radon…etc. 

Keep in mind we are not just home inspectors but stewards of our profession, and it could be said we have a responsibility to assist, even in this small way, in our profession’s evolution.  Our goal is to conduct the most thorough analysis of the home inspection profession that has ever been performed.  To meet that goal we need your help.  We understand that, especially these days, you are bombarded by email surveys.  Ours is only once every 5 years and carries the weight of affecting the contents of the NHIE.  It is that important.  We ask for your participation to ensure your voice, input, and opinions are heard and we thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.