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SES carries out the Commission’s mission to protect Texas consumers by enforcing the laws and rules that regulate real estate brokers and sales agents, real estate (home) inspectors, residential service (home warranty) companies, and timeshare providers. SES also implements the relevant standards and reviews applications for licensure and determinations of fitness to assess the honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness of applicants. 

We know you sometimes have questions about TREC rules or laws related to the specific areas SES handles and we want to help. You may email your questions directly to or call SES directly at 512-936-3005. For many questions, we will ask for an email to assist in properly responding to the question.

We are limited in the areas over which we can help, so please read below before emailing or calling.

Where can I find an answer before emailing or calling SES with a question?

The Commission has an extensive FAQ page that answers many questions. You can search by category or do a word search on the webpage to find your topic. You can also search on our website for a relevant article or form. Use the “Site Search” feature that is on the top of most pages of our website.

We also have disciplinary history information available and it’s searchable by name, license type, dates, cities, case number, and violations. You can also see a specific license holder’s disciplinary history by looking up the license holder using the “license holder search” feature and then selecting the “print license history” button.

We have extensive information on our website about filing a complaint, the complaint process, a detailed complaint overview manual, and FAQs on the complaint process (search by the category "How Are Disputes Handled?" or do a word search with "complaint").

Areas for which SES can help

  • Compliance-related questions about laws and rules
  • Complaint procedures and requirements
  • A pending case if you’re the complainant or respondent (have the file number, please, so that the call or email may be referred to the responsible party)
  • A closed case (have the file number, please, so that the case may be referred to the correct person)
  • The general areas over which the Commission has jurisdiction
  • License eligibility requirements related to background issues such as criminal history
  • Advertising – only if you’re a broker.  Calls or emails from a sales agent are referred to the sponsoring broker because the broker must ensure that each sponsored sales agent complies with TREC advertising rules.

Areas for which SES cannot help

  • Advertising, if the caller or emailer is a sales agent (see above – talk to your broker and the broker call if questions remain)
  • Private legal advice
  • A pending case if you’re not the complainant or respondent
  • A closing that is just about to occur (we can’t give advice on a specific transaction)
  • Areas over which the Commission lacks jurisdiction – see here.
  • Changes to contract forms (the Broker/Lawyer committee handles these)
  • Changes to laws and rules (the general counsel coordinates these)
  • Contract interpretation for a specific transaction
  • Property Code questions (for example, the Seller’s Disclosure form)
  • Earnest money, contractual performance, or security deposit disputes
  • Disputes between license holders, including commissions and other work issues
  • Business models or the structure of an entity engaged in brokerage

What else should I do before calling or emailing?

After you’ve read and checked the areas above, one of our staff attorneys can better assist you on an email when you provide the following information.

  • Your license number (if you’re a TREC license holder)
  • If you email us, please provide a call back number so our staff attorney can reach you for any needed clarification to better answer your question.

Just in case you missed it, we did a Facebook Live on this topic. Check it out here: 

September 2019