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The future of the Plumbing Board has been on the minds of many inspectors since the end of the legislative session. As a result of action taken by Governor Abbott, the Plumbing Board will continue until 2021; please be sure to see our article on this to get all the information you need.

The SOP Subcommittee met by teleconference on June 24 to continue its review of the current SOPs to determine if they need to be revised or updated. The Education Subcommittee also met via teleconference on June 28 to discuss the rules proposed at the May Commission meeting to streamline inspector education as required by the Agency’s Sunset Report. It was determined by the Subcommittee that a transition period of some sort is necessary and the Inspector Committee will consider the best timeframe and additional amendments to those rules at its July 15 meeting to aid in that transition.

The Inspector Committee will also consider a new rule to implement new licensing regulations resulting from the legislative session for applicants that are married to active military service member and will be reviewing the rule amendments proposed at the May Commission meeting to determine if any additional changes need to be recommended prior to their consideration for adoption at the August Commission meeting. 

The next meeting of the Inspector Committee will be on July 15 at 10 am in Austin. As always, meeting dates and times, agendas and related materials are posted on the TREC website. As always, thank you for your continued involvement.