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The Inspector Advisory Committee met on October 12 via teleconference.  There were some public comments submitted in response to the newly proposed Consumer Protection Notice, and most of the feedback was positive.  The new notice includes verbiage to inform consumers that inspectors are required to carry E&O insurance, and that inspectors have the ability to limit their liability through the use of an agreement between themselves and their client. 

The Plumbing Board has modified their previous rule that required a plumbing license in order to perform sewer line scope inspections.  The new rule no longer requires a plumbing license for that activity.  Though the IAC does not feel it prudent to establish a specific SOP for this activity, inspectors are reminded that license holders must be competent in that particular field should they choose to perform such inspections. 

There was also a discussion about the multitude of different types of inspection report writing software that is being used in the market.  There are some versions of software that produce a primary report which is not the promulgated 7-5 form that all inspectors are required to provide to a client.  The software may have the 7-5 form at the end of their report or added as a separate file from their form.  This could be a violation of the TREC rules, depending on a number of different factors.  A good rule of thumb is that the 7-5 form should be the first thing that a client sees when they receive the report itself.  If the software company wants to supplement that with their own format of a report, then that should only come after the 7-5 version is presented to the client.

The promulgated form follows a very specific format and has its own set of rules.  This is done for consistency across the board to both consumers and to licensees.  Presenting clients with another style, or format, for them to be provided the information about the inspection findings is certainly allowed, and may be beneficial for some clients.  However, the alternative report style should follow the promulgated 7-5 form that is required for inspectors to provide with every inspection. 

The next meeting of the Inspector Advisory Committee will be on January 15 at 10 am.  More than likely this meeting will also be via teleconference but stay tuned to the TREC website for more details.