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Scott KesnerIn recent months, I’ve had the privilege of presenting alongside Texas Real Estate Commission Executive Director Chelsea Buchholtz to license holders around Texas, many who are REALTORS®.

As some of you may know, I served as chairman of the Texas Association of REALTORS® in 2015 and have chaired more than a dozen other committees and task forces of the organization on local, state, and national levels.

My past experience in REALTOR® leadership and current role as chair of TREC have given me a unique perspective about Texas real estate. But license holders and consumers don’t have to take the path I’ve taken to become savvy about the industry. I want to share some of the information Chelsea and I have been presenting, because this is information everyone needs to know.

What is TREC?

  • TREC is the government agency that protects consumers by regulating certain real estate professionals. TREC educates, licenses, and disciplines license holders.
  • TREC answers to the Texas governor through a governing body of nine appointed policymakers. I am one of those nine.
  • The Texas Legislature decides what types of licenses TREC regulates, not TREC. TREC has no stance on who or what it should regulate and implements the laws passed by the Texas Legislature through the rulemaking process.
  • TREC cannot and does not participate in advocacy or lobbying. TREC is a neutral party in the lawmaking process, which means it serves as an informational resource for legislators.

Who Does TREC Regulate?

Regulates means the professionals who we educate, license, and have enforcement or disciplinary authority over. TREC regulates real estate sales agents and brokers, real estate inspectors, easement and right-of-way agents, education providers, timeshare plans, and Individuals who engage in any of these activity without a license TREC does not regulate every type of professional involved in a real estate transaction. For example, home warranty companies are licensed by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, and title companies are regulated by Texas Department of Insurance.

How Does TREC Enforce the Rules?

TREC can enforce its rules through complaints filed. It is a simple process and the primary way TREC can correct license holders’ errors or take disciplinary action. Those who are found in violation of rules and laws can receive different kinds of disciplinary actions, from an advisory letter to even license revocation.

There is plenty more I can share, but I’ll stop here. Even if this information isn’t new to you, please share it with someone who may be new to the industry, or even customers, clients, and consumers in general. With your help, we can all meet our goal to protect consumers.