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The Sunset Advisory Commission is conducting a special-purpose review of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). By law, the scope of the review is strictly limited to reviewing the legally required disclosures made by a seller of real property and the associated disclosure forms developed by TREC. Sunset staff welcomes public comments related to this topic.

The Sunset process has three stages. First, Sunset staff will evaluate the legally required seller disclosures and corresponding TREC forms, seek public input, and issue any appropriate recommendations. Second, the Sunset Commission will hold two public meetings: a hearing on staff’s findings, and a decision meeting to adopt any recommendations to the Legislature based on the findings and public comments. Third, the Legislature will convene in January 2025 and will consider Sunset’s statutory recommendations, if any, in a Sunset bill for TREC.

Here are several ways to provide comments and suggestions to Sunset staff on the legally required seller disclosures and corresponding forms:

Please provide your comments by July 19 to ensure Sunset staff can fully consider your input while conducting their review. Comments submitted before the staff report is published in August 2024 will remain confidential.

Stay informed! Visit to sign up for email alerts on the Sunset staff publication and the Sunset Commission’s public meetings on TREC.