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September in Texas.  The month we wish for fall, with pumpkin spice lattes and cooler weather. In reality, we have to wait many more weeks before going outside without melting in the sun.  Here’s to the first cold front coming soon. 

This September, we remember the 20th anniversary of September 11.  And as I listen to that day relived, I relive my own version of the day with the hope that we never experience another day of such despair and sadness.  And may we never forget those who lost their lives that day, so many of whom were rushing to care for others.   

Contact Center Updates 

To address the recent uptick in the call hold times, I am happy to announce that TREC has hired several new staff members to work in the contact center.  Your time is valuable and we are committed to providing excellent customer service. This includes guaranteeing fast access to getting the assistance you need. Hiring new team members, training them, and getting them on the phones will significantly impact our ability to meet that commitment.  

RSC's Transferred to TDLR 

The new fiscal year began September 1, and with the new year comes the effective date of many new laws passed during the last legislative session.  One that affects our world is the move of residential service company regulation from TREC to TDLR.  Residential service companies, or home warranties, were a unique part of our agency. The transition has been smooth, and the team here at TREC has remained in touch with TDLR to assist as needed.  

Coffee with the Commission 

We recently hosted another "Coffee with the Commission" session. If you could not attend the session, you can see the recording on the website. We discussed the new PID addendum, contract changes, and more. Coffee with the Commission creates a unique opportunity for license holders to ask questions and talk directly with the Commission Chair and staff. We will see you next time, after the November Commission meeting.  

License Count

The start of the new fiscal year also allows us to review the previous year's statistics. We ended the 2021 fiscal year with a record total of license holders. TREC's license count increased by 16,293 to a total of 218,735.  We have had a steady increase since 2012, but this was the most significant jump in at least the last 20 years.  It represents a 0.74% increase.  These are truly unprecedented times.  

During these strange times, I am reminded of the importance of practicing kindness. We are all working hard to return to what was once "normal." I know all of us have been directly impacted by the pandemic in one way or another.  As we forge ahead in the pandemic, growing more tired of it by the day, I urge you to work especially hard to practice professionalism, and more importantly, kindness.  With each of us practicing this extra measure of kindness, we can affect our small world, and the global one.