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Legislation passed by the 88th Texas Legislature requires the Texas Real Estate Commission to update two frequently used forms: the Consumer Protection Notice and the Seller’s Disclosure Notice.

Consumer Protection Notice

What changed? It no longer references the real estate inspection recovery fund, which was repealed this session.

Who does this affect? Real estate brokers, sales agents, inspectors, and easement or right-of-way (ERW) agents must provide the Consumer Protection Notice by posting it online and at their place of business.

Where is the new form? It is on TREC’s website.

How do I provide the form? If you link to the form on TREC’s website, you will not have to update your online notice because it is uploaded to the same URL. If you do not link to the form on our website (e.g., you have a PDF version or host the form on your own website), you will have to upload the new form by September 1.

You are also required to print the new form for posting in your place of business.

Seller’s Disclosure Notice

What changed? Sellers must disclose the type of piping used for gas supply lines—black iron pipe, copper, or corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST).

How will sellers know what type of piping they have? They may not know and can indicate “unknown” on the notice. Inspectors have been required to note the type of fuel gas piping on their reports since 2022, so it may take time, but more people will have access to this information as more inspections are completed.

Where is the revised form? The new version of the Seller’s Disclosure Notice is available online and should be used for contracts executed on or after September 1, 2023.