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Greetings to each of you.  I hope you were able to celebrate Independence Day earlier this month with your friends and family and had a wonderful time doing so.

Licensing Database Replacement

I mentioned in May that the Commission had begun the process of replacing our licensing database system. We are working with our vendor to complete requirements gathering which will inform the scope of work for the new system. We continue to work towards the implementation of this new system in 2023.  

Business License Inactivation 

Some of you may be aware that in June, business entity brokers were inadvertently expired. This was directly related to the aging system we are managing. We published an update to be transparent regarding our error. I again apologize to those who were affected by this. Our intention is always to provide an excellent experience while conducting business with the agency.  

I hope each of you is enjoying your summer. It is good for the soul to get out and enjoy the celebrations we all missed last year. I am forever grateful after the previous year we have had to celebrate with friends and family. As we move into the hottest part of the year, I am especially appreciative for the pools and parks to be open again, so we can cool off and continue to enjoy our great state of Texas!