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The Broker Responsibility Working Group (BRWG) met October 12 and discussed requirements for obtaining and renewing a broker’s license, as well as property management issues.

BRWG Recommends Requiring Course for All Broker License Applicants and at Renewal

The group recommends that the Broker Responsibility Course be required for license holders prior to obtaining a broker’s license, and that all brokers are required to take Broker Responsibility Course upon a broker’s renewal. This would require a statutory change. The Commission will discuss this recommendation during the TREC Workshop on November 8.

BRWG Asks Staff About Solutions to Identify Property Managers

The group discussed broker oversight of property management activities through additional education and instructed staff to explore ways for a broker to identify which agents they sponsor are allowed to practice property management. These initiatives require more input from the Commission and will continue being discussed at forthcoming meetings.

Where to Find Meeting Materials

Watch the video of the meeting and download meeting materials on the meeting page.

Upcoming Meeting Information

The next meeting of BRWG is January 11, 2023, at 10 a.m. in Austin. In accordance with normal Commission practice, any meeting materials will be available on the TREC website before the meeting. To participate by providing public comment during the meeting, contact by 5 p.m. CT on January 10 along with the agenda item number you wish to speak on. If you are unable to attend the meeting live, you can email your public comments instead.