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The 87th Texas Legislature enacted HB 2730 effective January 1, 2023, requiring easement or right-of-way agents to complete 16 hours of TREC-approved qualifying education prior to registration, and 16 hours of TREC-approved continuing education (CE) for each two-year registration term.

TREC is now accepting and reviewing ERW courses. Education providers can use the newly available Easement or Right-of-Way Agent Qualifying Education (QE) Course Application and the Easement or Right-of-Way Continuing Education (CE) Course Application. TREC has also adopted an ERW Course Approval Form to be used when submitting a 16-hour qualifying course application. This form defines the required topics that must be included in an acceptable qualifying course.

Easement and right-of-way agents may begin taking ERW courses prior to the January 1, 2023 effective date, provided the courses have received TREC approval.