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The 87th Texas Legislature enacted HB 2730, requiring easement/right of way (ERW) agents to complete 16 hours of qualifying education prior to registration and 16 hours of continuing education per registration period.  As a result, TREC will establish an education program for ERW agents. 

TREC staff and a group of subject matter experts are currently in the process of defining content for these new courses.  Rules related to the education program will be proposed at the February 2022 Commission meeting with the expectation of adoption at the May 2022 Commission meeting.  The education requirements for ERW agents will be mandatory for new and existing license holders beginning January 1, 2023.

As an education provider, we would like to know if you plan to participate in the ERW education program by submitting courses to satisfy these new requirements.  Please help us by completing the survey below. 


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