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Course Applications and Fees

When preparing course applications, be sure they are filled out completely, all necessary documents are included and the fee is accurately calculated.  Course applications and fees received separately will be sent back to the provider. 

Course Evaluations

All providers are required to provide each student with a course evaluation form approved by the Commission or Board.

  • Online versions of the Commission and Board course evaluation forms are available for use on our websites.
  • The pdf version of the TREC course evaluation form was separated into classroom and distance education.
  • The pdf version of the TALCB course evaluation form is available on the Education Providers tab of the forms page under Other Forms.

Encrypted Qualifying Education (QE) Course Completion Certificates

As a reminder, it is not necessary to encrypt QE course completion certificates when sending them to students.  For security purposes, staff cannot process encrypted certificates.  Submitting encrypted certificates will result in processing delays.