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The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee (TREIC) met January 16 via teleconference due to inclement weather in Austin. This was the first meeting of the year, and as a result, there were a number of new members to welcome.

Welcome New Members

Rhondalyn Riley filled in the remaining term of an inspector member who resigned in 2023. She started at the October 2023 meeting and will complete that term that was vacated. The committee’s two new inspector members are Stephenie Cochran and Randy Bayer. The committee’s two new public members are Edward Muth and Teresa Benavides. As we move forward, we look forward to the variety of experiences each bring along with their own unique perspectives.

TREC General Counsel Vanessa Burgess provided an Advisory Committee Training to ensure new members understand how the process works and are better equipped to jump in quickly and get involved.

TREIC Leadership, Committee Appointments Made

The first meeting of the year always entails the election of officers. Lee Warren will serve as chair, Mike Morgan will serve as vice chair, and Brian Carroll will serve as the secretary for 2024. The members are selected for the two subcommittees at the January meeting as well.

Mike Morgan was chosen to be the chair of the Education subcommittee and will serve with members Teresa Benevides, Bruce Carpenter, and Stephenie Cochran. Brian Carroll will be the chair of the Standards of Practice subcommittee and will serve with Randy Bayer, Edward Muth, and Rhondalyn Riley.

Each subcommittee was given a main task to take on for the upcoming year. The committees may also come up with their own recommendation to submit to TREIC.

TREIC Education Subcommittee

The Education subcommittee will be looking at the possible changes to the number of licensing types and education requirements therein.

There are three inspector license types: Apprentice, Real Estate, and Professional Real Estate inspector. The Real Estate inspector license type is the least pursued, so TREIC is considering recommending a statutory change to repeal this license type. Part of the recommendation would ensure that existing Real Estate Inspector licenses would not be impacted.

Currently, there is no education requirement for the Apprentice license. The Education subcommittee will look into the possibility of creating education requirements for the Apprentice license as the committee contemplates the future of the Real Estate inspector license. Subcommittee members will also look at what the requirements there may be for an Apprentice Inspector to become a Professional inspector. Again, existing Real Estate inspectors would not be affected by this change. This would only apply to new license applications.

Standards of Practice Subcommittee

The Standards of Practice subcommittee will start a new review of the Real Estate Inspector Standards of Practice. The SOPs are reviewed on a continuous basis as technology and the industry in general change over the years. The committee was given no special instructions on what to review with the SOPs. Committee members and guests are welcome to look deep into the SOPs to see what changes may be needed or recommended in order to clarify or modify existing standards and/or to protect consumers better as it relates to home inspections.

Please keep in mind that this is a lengthy process, and no change will happen any time soon. In order for changes to be made, including, but not limited to, report form changes, they would first have to work through the subcommittee, then TREIC, then the full Commission. If proposed by the Commission, there will be a public comment period and a review of those comments prior adoption. Early input is very beneficial to everyone involved, so please make your comments and suggestions known early in the process.

The next TREIC meeting will be April 15 at 10 a.m. CT. Attendees may earn up to four hours of CE credit each license renewal period by attending TREIC meetings in person.