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What Every License Holder Needs to Know About Going Inactive

An unexpected illness, a new opportunity, a change in the market, or a change in your personal life: These are all common reasons why Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) license holders may take a break from the business.

Whether your break is planned or unexpected, setting your sales agent, broker, or inspector license to inactive status before your renewal or renewing as inactive is the best move if you want return to the real estate business in the future. Here’s why.

Message from the Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee Chair

The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee (TREIC) met in January, and there were a couple of items from that meeting that were forwarded to the Commissioners for approval. The first was a modification of a rule regarding when multiple check boxes are used. This rule makes it clear that if an inspector chooses more than one check box, that an explanation must be provided. For instance, if only the Inspected box is checked with no other comments, it could be determined that the area in question was inspected, and no deficiencies were observed.

What to Expect at the Next TREC Meeting

The Texas Real Estate Commission’s advisory committees and working groups have made several recommendations that the Commissioners will discuss and potentially propose or adopt during the TREC Meeting on February 13. Here are the highlights of what will be considered, including inspection report rule changes, proposed SAE requirements, and changes that affect broker responsibility and sales agent oversight of brokerage activity.

What Consumers Should Know About Texas Property Inspections

In a seller’s market, buyers may be tempted to waive an inspection entirely, or hire an inspector to do a walkthrough inspection of their ideal home to point out problems while the buyers take notes.

In a buyer’s market, sellers might think getting a similar inspection will make their listing stand out by disclosing information up front, so buyers will know what to expect.

Comment on Proposed Rule Changes by December 25: Unauthorized Practice of Law, Using the Standard Inspection Report Form

During the November TREC Meeting, the Commission proposed two rule amendments and one new rule. The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee recommended the proposal of amendments to 535.223, Standard Inspection Report Form. The Unauthorized Practice of Law Working group recommended a new rule, 537.1, Definitions, and amendments to Section 537.11, use of Standard Contract Forms.