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Under Section 1102.303 of the Texas Occupations Code, an inspector may not act in a transaction in the dual capacity of inspector and either (1) broker or sales agent or (2) an undisclosed principal. Therefore, it would violate Section 1102.303 for you to inspect any property your broker has listed or where you were personally involved. Under Rule 535.156, a real estate license holder has a duty to disclose to a client any relationship the license holder has with an inspector performing an inspection on property that is the subject of a transaction involving the license holder. If you were to perform an inspection in connection with a transaction in which your broker was involved, your broker would need to disclose your relationship (as the broker’s sponsored agent), and if you were paid or received compensation or anything of value from anyone in your office in connection with the inspection, you would also need to disclose this fact and obtain the client’s prior permission.