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The 87th Texas Legislature passed a bill requiring the Texas Real Estate Commission to collect management certificates and amended management certificates from property owners’ associations—also known as homeowners associations (HOAs)—and make the certificates publicly available online.

To meet the requirements of the law, TREC maintains, which is where HOAs must upload their certificates and the public can search certificates based on location or association name.

TREC Does Not Regulate HOAs

TREC does not have regulatory authority to license or register HOAs, and TREC does not have enforcement jurisdiction of HOA activities.

What Are HOAs Required to Do?

HOAs governed by Chapter 209 of the Property Code must electronically file management certificates with TREC. Section 209.004 of the Property Code outlines what HOAs should include in their management certificates. If an HOA fails to file their management certificate as required by law, Chapter 209 also outlines the various consequences and remedies.

What to Do if The Management Certificate is Not Available

If you are looking for a management certificate and cannot locate it on, try contacting the local county clerk (where the HOA also must file) or even the HOA itself for that information.

Who Regulates HOAs in Texas?

There are no state agencies that regulate HOAs in Texas. Residents who have an issue with their HOA may want to seek the counsel of a private attorney.