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TREIC Reviews New Relationship Termination Form, Recommends a Rule Change for Proposal

The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee (TREIC) met October 18 and reviewed a new tool to aid in filling out the Property Inspection Report Form, a new form that will inform TREC when a real estate inspector relationship is terminated, and items for the 88th Texas Legislature.

Did You Comment on Proposed TREC Form Changes? Don’t Miss This Meeting

In August, the Texas Real Estate Commission proposed changes to several TREC forms based on recommendations by the Texas Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Committee (BLC). TREC received 123 public comments about the changes, which BLC will review and consider during its upcoming meeting on Friday, October 14.

ESAC Recommends Real Estate Brokerage Course as Mandatory SAE, Discusses Course Outline for Property Management

The Texas Real Estate Commission Education Standards Advisory Committee (ESAC) met October 3 and discussed changes to the qualifying course outline for Property Management and making the 30-hour Real Estate Brokerage course a mandatory course as part of required SAE.

New Online Services Available for ERW Agents and Brokers

The Texas Real Estate Commission has launched new enhancements to the online services portal to make it easier for easement or right-of-way agents and brokers to submit certain applications.

Easement or Right-of-Way Agent Online Applications

The Easement or Right-of-Way Agent or ERW Business initial applications are now available on the online services portal. This allows easement or right-of-way agents to apply online instead of submitting a paper application, although paper applications will still be accepted.

TREC Now Accepting ERW Courses

The 87th Texas Legislature enacted HB 2730 effective January 1, 2023, requiring easement or right-of-way agents to complete 16 hours of TREC-approved qualifying education prior to registration, and 16 hours of TREC-approved continuing education (CE) for each two-year registration term.

Do You Really Have to Provide a Flood Disclosure for Temporary Residential Leases?

Yes. A bill passed during the 87th Texas Legislative Session does not generally exempt landlords of temporary residential leases from providing a disclosure notice about whether the landlord is aware that the dwelling is located in a 100‐year floodplain or that the dwelling has flooded within the last five years.

Comment on Proposed TREC Form Revisions by September 26

The Texas Real Estate Commission at its August meeting proposed form revisions recommended by the Texas Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Committee. The Texas Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Committee an advisory body consisting of six attorneys appointed by the president of the State Bar of Texas, six brokers appointed by TREC, and one public member appointed by the governor. 

TREC’s Latest Meeting Results in New Flood Disclosure Form for Leases, Updated Broker Responsibility Course for 2023

The Texas Real Estate Commission met August 8, 2022. The Commission adopted the new Landlord’s Floodplain and Flood Notice (TREC 54-0) form and revisions to the Seller’s Temporary Residential Lease (TREC 15-6) and the Buyer’s Temporary Residential Lease (TREC 16-6) forms, as well as non-substantive rule changes from the agency’s quadrennial rule review. Read on for more takeaways.