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The Texas Real Estate Inspector Committee (TREIC) met April 18 and talked about hot topic issues, including how inspectors must handle single-item inspections, clarifications to 535.222, Inspection Reports, and expired licenses. Read on for more takeaways.

Two-Day Report Delivery Rule Clarification

The TREIC has proposed to clarify 525.222(a)(2), which currently says inspectors shall "deliver the report to the client within two days of receipt of payment for the inspection … ." The committee examined whether to amend the rule to add a provision clarifying that in those instances when payment is received prior to the inspection being scheduled, the inspector is required deliver the report to the client within two days of completion of the inspection. The committee will revisit this item at its next meeting.

Single-Item Inspections

Currently, a single-item inspection is the only situation in which inspectors aren’t required to fill out the Property Inspection Report Form (TREC REI 7-6), but an inspector must still provide a written report and include appropriate disclaimer language for such inspections. The TREIC is considering a recommendation to the Commission for a rule change to require the use of REI 7-6 in single-item inspections.

"Walk and Talk" Inspections Are Not Allowed

The TREIC discussed the practice of "walk and talks" in which an inspector charges a flat fee to a client to provide basic observations of property within an allotted time-period, usually 30 minutes to an hour. It is not an authentic inspection and there is no inspection report provided to the client. This type of inspection is not allowed under TREC rules and can be subject to a TREC complaint and disciplinary action.

Expired Licenses and Late Renewals

The TREIC discussed 535.216(e), Late Renewal, and is working on a rule change to clarify that an inspector cannot do inspections after their license has expired. Late renewals will still be allowed.

Where to Find Meeting Materials

Review the meeting materials and watch the video recording on the meeting page.

Upcoming Meeting

The next meeting of the TREIC is July 18 at 10 a.m. in Austin, or you can stream it live virtually. The committee will resume discussions on two-day responses, virtual education, and the inspector rules that will be reviewed as part of the agency’s quadrennial rule review.

In accordance with normal Commission practice, any meeting materials will be available on the TREC website before the meeting. To participate by providing public comment during the meeting, contact by 5 p.m. CT on July 17 along with the agenda item number you wish to speak on. If you are unable to attend the meeting live, you can email your public comments instead.