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Greetings to you upon the beginning of summer. I hope each of you continues to live well in this COVID-19 season. This is a season in which the burdens of each of us are personal and unique.   Our agency will do what we can to ease whatever burdens possible.   

I cannot provide a TREC update before acknowledging the heaviness in our country right now after the death of George Floyd.  We are a licensing agency that does not have jurisdiction over this subject matter in any particular way, nor is it my place to speak on behalf of any group on this topic. But I can say for myself, that I  am humbled by what I see in the news and am committed to leading this agency in a manner that is kind to all human beings and promotes justice for all.    

Returning to the Office  

TREC and TALCB continue to fulfill the mission of our agency, primarily from our homes. We are planning for a slow, partial and voluntary return to the office later this month, while we continue to only provide customer service over the phone and through email.  We will not yet receive visitors at our Austin headquarters.   

License Extensions  

We will extend all license renewals and applications for one additional month. This means that all March, April, May, June, and July license applications and renewals will have until July 31, 2020, to complete their requirements. After July 31, we will be returning to regular deadlines. More on license extensions can be found in our article on the website.  

TREC and TALCB Meetings  

We successfully held the first-ever TREC and TALCB board meetings via Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the hard work of our team, both sessions went very well.   We do not yet know how long we will need to continue utilizing this format for meetings but are grateful we now know that it is possible to have a successful business meeting remotely. 

During their meetings, both the Commission and the Board reviewed the Strategic Plan, which has now been finalized and is available here on our website.  

TREC Planning Tour Going "Virtual"  

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, we are shifting our spring planning tour online. We have coordinated with local REALTOR associations to host live events. During this time, Chair Kesner and I will request feedback from license holders, the industry, and its future. This will help inform the strategic direction of the agency.  You can find all the dates and registration information here.  

New Staff Members  

We have made several critical staffing hires in the last month, and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the newest team members. 

First, Kat Santos is joining us as the new TALCB general counsel and TREC deputy general counsel. She hit the ground running during the TALCB Board meeting. I was very impressed with her ability to answer questions and give opinions on her very first week of work with the agency. Be sure to read up on her here.  

Second, Ranada Williams joins us as the new director of finance. Ranada brings a wealth of financial knowledge that will be extremely valuable to TREC and TALCB as we move through the budget process for 2021. Here is the announcement with her full bio.   

Third, Mike Molloy was recently named TREC SES Director.  He will do great things as a director, and I am delighted by this promotion.   

And with that, please be in touch with any questions or insights you have about TREC and TALCB.  I wish you a happy and safe summer.