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It was a busy year for the Inspector Committee on the education front. The major accomplishment for the committee was completing the much-needed revision on the SOP Legal and Ethics continuing education coursework, which became mandatory as of September 1 of last year. This 4-hour course, developed in conjunction with the Texas A&M Real Estate Center provides a consistent framework for providers to use when teaching this very important topic to inspectors.  This course was the important first step in the Committee’s long-term goal to improve inspector education. I know the Committee is dedicated to take even greater strides towards that goal in the upcoming year.

 As we move forward with this new year, there will be several opportunities for you to be engaged in the policy-making process of the agency. As is required by statute, the Agency has begun its quadrennial rule review. During this process, the agency reviews all of its currently enacted rules to determine if they should be continued, amended, or repealed.  The inspector rules are scheduled to be open for review in August of this year and I encourage all inspectors to take an active role in this process.  Additionally, in the next couple of months, the agency will begin its statewide strategic planning listening tour. I will be making several stops around the state to update and discuss future agency initiatives, but more importantly, I am traveling around the state to gather input from license holders and other agency stakeholders. The listening tour schedule should be finalized and published in February. Please check the website for the dates and times we will be in your area. If you can’t make it to a session, we will also have some online opportunities as well. Finally, the agency will be going through the Sunset Review process beginning this Spring.  Every state agency is required to undergo this review process every twelve years and stakeholder input is a vital part of the process. Please take this opportunity to provide feedback during this process. Additional information about the Sunset process can be found on our website.

Please note that the meetings originally scheduled for January 8 have been rescheduled to January 22. The SOP Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for 9 AM and the full committee will meet at 10 AM. The full committee will also meet on February 26 to elect new officers for the upcoming calendar year and discuss any pending business. This February meeting also provides an opportunity for inspectors to earn up to 2 hours of Inspector Continuing Education (ICE) credit for attending that meeting in person. Inspectors have the opportunity to see the Committee in action first hand, and earn ICE credit while doing so.

2018 looks to be a busy year and I look forward all that can be accomplished by the Committee and the agency with your help. As always, thank you for the support you provide to the Committee in its ongoing role to protect and serve the people of Texas.