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The newly proposed process for qualifying inspector education was up for adoption at the November TREC meeting.  However, the Commission postponed consideration to adopt these rules at the request of the Governor’s office. Senate Bill 1995 was passed last legislative session that creates a division within the Governor’s office to review all agency proposed rules that affect market competition before the rule is adopted or implemented. These rules are the first major overhaul of the qualifying education rules for inspectors in the last 20 years.  The Governor’s office requested the rules be reviewed by this new division to ensure a thorough examination of their effect on market competition   We are hopeful that we can move forward with the new process soon to make our industry better for prospective license holders and consumers.

The Commission also proposed amendments to the Consumer Protection Notice as recommended by the Inspector Committee. The amendment added language to better inform consumers about the statutory requirement for inspectors to carry liability insurance.  This additional language does not impact an inspector’s ability to address their liability in their agreements with their clients, so long as the inspector does not conflict with the statutory requirements.  Some Commissioners expressed concerns about contractual limitations of liability at the November meeting when this item was discussed.  I expect additional discussion regarding inspector liability in 2020 between the committee and TREC Commissioners.   

An interview committee has been created to recommend a new Inspector Committee member to complete the unexpired term of Dianna Rose.  Dianna was a diligent and dedicated member of the committee, and we wish her the very best.  This term will expire at the end of 2021, and the committee will likely recommend appointment to the Commissioners at their February meeting.  The next meeting of the Inspector Committee will be January 17 at 10:00 a.m. at the Texas Real Estate Commission.  At this meeting, officers will be selected for the 2020 year.  As with any full meeting of the Inspector Committee, inspectors may receive CE credit for attending the meetings in person (up to 4 hours per renewal period).