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To be eligible for a real estate license, applicants must prove to TREC that they have the required honesty, trustworthiness & integrity. [TRELA §1101.354(2)] Each applicant is evaluated individually and TRELA does not contain a list of crimes or number of crimes that would automatically disqualify an applicant from obtaining a license. However, Rule 541.1(a) does list the types of criminal offenses that TREC considers directly relate to the duties and responsibilities of a license holder and tend to demonstrate a person’s inability to represent the interest of another with honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. Rule 535.52(b) also addresses conduct that tends to demonstrate that an applicant does not possess the requisite honesty, trustworthiness or integrity. In addition, pursuant to Chapter 53 of the Texas Occupations Code ( and Rule 541.1(c), TREC will consider evidence of certain mitigating factors and rehabilitation. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide that evidence to TREC. [Rule 541.1(d)] Before applying for a license, a person may request TREC to determine whether the person’s fitness complies with the requirements for licensing by filing a Fitness Determination (FD). This form is on our website here.