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Escalating to Trouble

There may be instances where a client wants to add language to a real estate contract. In a “hot market,” it is not uncommon for a buyer to want an escalation clause added to the contract (for example, language stating the buyer will pay “X amount more than the highest offer if other offers are present”). Typically, an escalation clause such as this will be added to “Paragraph 11, Special Provisions” (which is reserved for factual statements and business details) of the One to Four Family Residential Contract, but it might also be drafted as an addendum to the contract. 

What happens to your license when your broker dies?

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is to expect the unexpected and that planning is essential for you and your business. While succession planning in the event of a broker’s death is largely outside of TREC’s jurisdiction and is primarily a private business decision, it may be helpful to keep a few things in mind.