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General Information


The High Value Data Sets contain data on individuals and organizations currently licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). It also contains last known data on those with a status of expired, suspended, relinquished, revoked, or deceased within the last five years.


The related license data for organizations regards their officer. The related license data for individuals regards their sponsor.


Below you will find the shared file format of each of the following licensee data files provided on the TREC website:

  • "trecfile.txt" (found in ""), 
  • "inspfile.txt" (found in ""), and 
  • "ERWfile.txt" (found in "")


Each file can be imported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel 2007 (or later), and other spreadsheet software and database management systems, as long as the program can handle importing more than 150,000 records. Microsoft offers instructions on how to import text data into Excel and Access. Quick links of this instruction can be found below:

Once the data is imported into the spreadsheet or database of your choice, you may filter the data in order to match the requirements you are searching for. Microsoft also provides instructions on how to print labels from Excel and Access as shown below:

Data Format


Records are newline-delimited (carriage return, line feed).  Fields are variable length and tab-delimited. The length (Len) for each item below is the maximum length of the item.


# Field Len Coments
1 License Type 4 See Codes Below
2 License Number 10 Numeric, may contain embedded hyphen
3 Full Name 64 <first name><middle name(s)><last name> or business
4 Suffix 4  
5 License Status 2 See Codes Below
6 Original License Date 8 CCYYMMDD
7 License Expiration Date 8 CCYYMMDD
8 Education Status 1 See Codes Below
9 MCE Status 1 See Codes Below
10 Designated Supervisor Flag 1 See Codes Below
11 Phone Number 12 999-9999999
12 Email Address 100  
13 Mailing Address Line 1 54  
14 Mailing Address Line 2 40  
15 Mailing Address Line 3 40  
16 Mailing Address City 20  
17 Mailing Address State Code 2  
18 Mailing Address Zip Code 10 99999 or 99999-9999
19 Mailing Address County Code 3 See Codes Below
20 Physical Address Line 1 54  
21 Physical Address Line 2 40  
22 Physical Address Line 3 40  
23 Physical Address City 20  
24 Physical Address State Code 2  
25 Physical Address Zip Code 10 99999 or 99999-9999
26 Physical Address County Code 3 999
27 Related License Type 4 See code below
28 Related License Number 10  
29 Related License Full Name 64 <first name><middle name(s)><last name> or business
30 Related License Suffix 4  
31 Related License Start Date 8 CCYYMMDD
32 Agency Identifier 9 numeric


License Type

Code Description
SALE Sales Agent
BRK Individual Broker
BLLC Limited Liability Corporation Broker
BCRP Corporation Broker
6 Partnership Broker
REB Broker Organization Branch
PRIN Professional Inspector
REIN Real Estate Inspector
APIN Apprentice Inspector
ILLC Professional Inspector, LLC
ICRP Professional Inspector, Corporation
ERWI Easement and Right-of-Way, Individual
ERWO Easement and Right-of-Way, Business

License Status

Code Description
20 Current and Active
21 Current and Inactive
30 Probation and Active
31 Probation and Inactive
45 Expired
47 Suspended
56 Relinquished
57 Revoked
80 Deceased

Education Status

Code Description
0 No Non-elective CE Requirement
1 Non-elective CE Requirements Outstanding
2 Non-elective CE Requirements Met

Designated Supervisor Flag

Code Description
0 Not Designated Supervisor
1 Designated Supervisor

County Code Table

File Name Description
county.txt This file contains a county code table in TAB-delimited file