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Renew Your Inspector License

All inspectors licensed by TREC, including Apprentice Inspectors, Real Estate Inspectors, and Professional Inspectors, must renew their license every two years. TREC will send you a renewal notice about 90 days before your license expiration date. Until you receive this notice of renewal, you cannot renew your license.

Become a Professional Real Estate Inspector

A Professional Real Estate Inspector is a person who is trained and qualified to perform real estate inspections and who accepts employment to perform a real estate inspection for a buyer or seller of real property.  Professional inspectors may also supervise or sponsor Real Estate Inspectors and Apprentice Inspectors.

You have one year from the date your application is filed to meet all license requirements.  Once you have met all license requirements, TREC will send an active professional inspector license to you via email.

Fee Schedule

Sales Agent:                                   Fee Late Fee < 90 days Late Fee > 90 days Texas Online Fee Texas A&M Research Center Real Estate Recovery Fee Total Fee

Real Estate Recovery Trust Account and Fund

TREC has two real estate recovery funds to reimburse consumers who suffer damages caused by TREC license holders: the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account and the Real Estate Inspection Recovery Fund. Consumers may file an application for payment from the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account after filing suit and obtaining a final judgment in civil court for damages against a licensed real estate broker, sales agent or easement/right-of-way agent (or an employee or agent of such a license holder) for certain conduct.