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Sales Agent, License #514868
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Real Estate LLC
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Business Address
14010 N Highway 183
Suite 400
Austin, TX 78717
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Real Estate Education History
Course Date Course Number Course Name Subject Provider Name Hours
09/16/2244097REDnews Austin Multifamily Summit 2022RE CE ElectiveRED News LLC4
09/08/2241684Roofing & Real Estate 101RE CE ElectiveImpact Leadership Group1
08/24/2241462Overcoming the Down Payment HurdleRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
07/14/2242236HOA Addendum SpotlightContractsIndependence Title1
07/13/2240124CMA Pricing StrategiesRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
06/15/2242364Get LinkedInRE CE ElectiveSchmooze Networking1
04/27/2241694YouTube 101 - Why YOur Real Estate Business Needs Video ContentRE CE ElectiveImpact Leadership Group1
04/06/2242921Stop Wasting Handshakes - Guerilla Marketing for RealtorsRE CE ElectiveImpact Leadership Group1
03/18/2241896Luxury Home Marketing Specialist TrainingRE CE ElectiveThe Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, L.P.15
01/19/2241686Credit Reports 101RE CE ElectiveImpact Leadership Group1
01/05/2242040Legal Update II (2022-2023)Legal Update IIAceableAgent4
01/05/2242039Legal Update I (2022-2023)Legal Update IAceableAgent4
11/18/2142337Land 101: Fundamentals of Land BrokerageRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS16
11/04/2140374American Warrior Real Estate ProfessionalRE CE ElectiveSirmon Training and Consulting Group LLC4
10/26/2141468Representing LLC's, Corporations and Other Business EntitiesRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
10/26/21420531031 Exchanges - By the RulesRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
10/12/2141532Commercial Real Estate Sales - Landing the ListingRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
10/12/2141454Commercial Real Estate Sales - Servicing Closing the DealRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
03/04/2140904Contract Mastery: 1-4 ResidentialContractsTexasRealEstate.Academy3
12/03/2040155Farm and RanchRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors4
09/18/2039862Completing the TREC Farm and Ranch ContractContractsTitle Resources Guaranty Company2
09/04/2035856Foreclosures And Reo SalesRE CE ElectiveTitle Resources Guaranty Company1
09/01/2037191Overcoming Appraisal ObstaclesRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
07/18/2038984Land Investment AnalysisRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS24
07/08/2034974Principles of Home StagingRE CE ElectiveElite Austin1
06/25/2036740Understanding Agency for the Investor AgentRE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
05/28/2035818Statutory Acts & Contingency PlanningRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
05/26/2035815TAR Residential Property Management AgreementContractsTexas REALTORS3
05/26/2035814Residential EvictionsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
05/21/2038994Handling Multiple Offers & Multiple BuyersRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
05/12/2039158Listing Short SalesRE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
10/30/1936427Sub2RE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
10/16/1937580Avoiding Common Contract MistakesContractsTexas REALTORS2
09/17/1935629Condos Condos CondosRE CE ElectiveTexasRealEstate.Academy3
08/30/1935434Residential TREC Contracts 101RE CE ElectiveCapital Title of Texas, LLC1
07/31/1937072Flipping 101RE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
07/22/1936996REALTOR Code of Ethics: Your Promise of ProfessionalismRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors3
05/15/1933197Legal Update I (2018-2019)Legal Update IAustin Title Company4
05/15/1935425How to Keep A Home Inspection from Killing the DealRE CE ElectiveBPG Inspection, LLC1
04/17/1933250Understanding Septic Systems Regulations & DisclosuresRE CE ElectiveRainbow Septic Training Course3
03/13/1933198Legal Update II (2018-2019)Legal Update IIAustin Title Company4
02/27/1934403Become Google GreatRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.3
02/27/1933772Discover Your Facebook GoldmineRE CE ElectiveMTritt Inc.3
02/09/1935987Paralysis Analysis: Don't Fear Market TrendsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
02/07/1933233Advanced Realtor Property ResourceRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
01/24/1935311Boosting your Business with New Home SalesRE CE ElectiveIndependence Title1
01/22/1934816Death and Divorce issues in Texas Real EstateRE CE ElectiveNewman & Lawler, PLLC2
10/11/1832852Increase Your Transactions! New Texas HECM Purchase ProgramRE CE ElectiveChris Valdez3
10/04/1832800Converting Leads: From Phone Call to ContractRE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
09/26/1834900Success Faster:Effectively Launch Your Real Estate CareerRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors3
08/09/1832072New-Home Construction and Buyer RepresentationRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
08/02/1833284Credit 101 for Real EstateRE CE ElectiveBusch Consulting Services, Inc.2
07/18/1833068Accredited Buyer's Representative Designation CourseRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS16
07/12/1832865Advanced Owner-Fi StrategiesRE CE ElectiveStepStone Realty, LLC2
06/07/1833034Foreclosure IssuesRE CE ElectiveStewart Title of Austin, LLC1
06/06/1834568Texas Vet VLB BootcampRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
04/17/1831895Cash Flow Planning for Real Estate InvestorsRE CE ElectiveCMPS Institute, LLC3
04/13/1831997Working with Foreign BuyersRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
03/28/1830982The TAR Residential Lease AgreementRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
03/28/1830981Marketing and Leasing Residential PropertiesRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
03/27/1830980The Essentials of Residential LeasingRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
03/27/1830979Agency Issues Impacting Property Manager & Leasing AgentsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
02/21/1833488Promoting Your Listing OnlineRE CE ElectiveSchmooze Networking1
02/16/18538Marketing: The Number ONE Skill to HaveQualifying RE TopicsThe Real Estate Business School30
02/11/1833480Don't Let Tech Ruin Your BusinessRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
02/06/1831229How To Not Get a No On a Condo LoanRE CE ElectiveMortgageIQ1
01/23/1833036Building & Buying GreenRE CE ElectiveMyCE Academy3
01/18/1833235Preparing Your Listing for the Buyer's Home InspectionRE CE ElectiveWIN Great Hills1
01/17/1831214HECM Training for Real Estate ProfessionalsRE CE ElectiveFinance of America Reverse, LLC3
01/04/1833439Timely Techniques to Generate Leads Quickly With VideoRE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas2
01/04/1833440How VALUABLE is you VALUE?RE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas1
01/04/1833438I Got This!RE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas3
12/01/1733057Turbo Charge: Maximize Your CMARE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS6
12/01/17526Real Estate Marketing: Principles of BusinessQualifying RE TopicsThe Real Estate Business School30
11/20/17530Real Estate Marketing: Buyer's AgentQualifying RE TopicsThe Real Estate Business School30
11/06/1732311Introduction to Divorce Real EstateRE CE ElectiveMyCE Academy3
09/21/1731450Broker Responsibility CourseBroker ResponsibilityWilliamson County Association of Realtors6
08/21/1731230Texas Title Insurance CommitmentsRE CE ElectiveAlliant National Title Insurance Co.1
08/21/1730898Understanding EasementsRE CE ElectiveAlliant National Title Insurance Co.1
08/21/1731208Building Relationships for Success in Real EstateRE CE ElectiveAlliant National Title Insurance Co.2
06/28/1732668Essential Technology for Commerical Real Estate PractitionersRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
05/10/1732315Fight Your Texas Tax Appraisal and WinRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors4
05/09/1732339Positively Real EstateRE CE ElectiveLinda Randall3
04/25/1730757Residential Buyer Rep AgreementRE CE ElectiveLinda Randall3
03/29/1731120How to Be Your Buyer's AdvocateRE CE ElectiveFirst American Home Warranty1
02/22/1729215The 1 ThingRE CE ElectiveMortgageIQ3
02/21/1731113Effective Advertising Language for ListingsRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors1
02/21/172869710 Common issues with Home InspectionsRE CE ElectiveWIN Great Hills2
02/21/1730059Basic Home StagingRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors2
02/21/1731112Styles of Design & Current Building MaterialsRE CE ElectiveAbby Vasek Interiors1
02/12/1731904Real Estate Tech - Help or Hindrance?RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
02/11/1731758You Can't make this Stuff Up!RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
02/10/1731623Wildlife Property Tax ValuationRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
01/19/1730202Developing A Social Media StrategyRE CE ElectivePower Training2
01/11/17310731031 Like-Kind ExchangesRE CE ElectiveEducateRE1
01/05/1731746Win Every Listing!RE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas2
01/05/17317487 Top Secrets of Listing SuccessRE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas3
01/05/1731747Marketing Ideas with POW! BAM! BOOM!RE CE ElectiveBest Agents in Texas2
12/19/1631212The Ins and Outs of CMAs and AppraisalsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS6
12/14/1629840FHA 203K - Vital for Today's AgentRE CE ElectiveMyCE Academy3
12/02/1631556Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing InvestorsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS7
11/03/1629622Legal Update ILegal Update IAustin Title Company4
10/26/1629133Buying Real Estate in IRA'sRE CE ElectiveQuest Trust Company3
10/25/1628834Understanding FICO & Managing CreditRE CE ElectiveMyCE Academy3
10/03/1630937DPA & First-time Homebuyer ProgramsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
09/29/1630099Short Sales 101RE CE ElectiveOyezz Real Estate2
09/28/1628257There's A Form For That!RE CE ElectiveLinda Randall3
09/26/1630678Seller Beware: 32 Buyer Outs in the Real Estate ContractRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
09/21/1628043Texas VA Home LoansRE CE ElectiveAustin Institute of Real Estate3
08/31/1630742Short Sales and Foreclosures: What Real Estate Professionals NeeRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
08/25/1628660Commercial Leasing 101RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
08/25/1628659Commercial Contracts 101RE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
08/24/1630200Promoting Your Listing OnlineRE CE ElectivePower Training1
08/02/1630785MLS On the Go: Mobile Tools You Can UseRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors2
07/27/1630743Pricing Unique PropertiesRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
07/27/1630188The ABC's of CMA'sRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
07/26/1630189Appraisal BasicsRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS3
06/30/1629623Legal Update IILegal Update IIWilliamson County Association of Realtors4
06/14/1629351Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMARE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS8
06/08/1629146Advanced REALTORS Property ResourceRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS2
06/08/1628401REALTORS Property ResourceRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
05/25/1628953Realtor Code of Ethics: Your Promise of ProfessionalismRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors3
05/24/1628919Realist Tax 2.0RE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors2
05/16/1628917Matrix CMARE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors2
05/14/1628941Introduction to MatrixRE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors3
05/11/1629292How to Win the Listing Before the AppointmentRE CE ElectiveMyCE Academy3
05/04/1628995Agent Investor 102RE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors4
05/03/1628994Agent Investor 101RE CE ElectiveAustin Board of Realtors4
05/02/1629092Online Risk ManagementRE CE ElectiveThe CE Shop LLC3
04/28/1627986Ten Lead Conversion Strategies that Really WorkRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
04/28/1627984Cool Tools You'll Use to Better Serve ConsumersRE CE ElectiveTexas REALTORS1
04/27/1630415Create Your Market IdentityRE CE ElectiveSente Mortgage, Inc.1
03/18/16351Promulgated Contract FormsQualifying RE TopicsST EDWARDS UNIVERSITY30
03/16/16451Real Estate FinanceQualifying RE TopicsST EDWARDS UNIVERSITY30
03/13/16122Principles of Real Estate IIQualifying RE TopicsST EDWARDS UNIVERSITY30
04/16/0816504TREC LEGAL UPDATE MCE (L) (ONLINE EXAM)Legal Update IAustin Institute of Real Estate3
04/15/0816505TREC ETHICS MCE (E) (ONLINE EXAM)Legal Update IIAustin Institute of Real Estate3
12/09/07911REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS IQualifying RE TopicsMbition Learn Real Estate30
11/24/06521MKTG-SELLERS/LISTING AGNTQualifying RE TopicsTexas State University San Marcos30
12/05/05512REAL ESTATE MARKETING IIQualifying RE TopicsAustin Community College30
10/14/04821RESIDENTIAL LEASINGQualifying RE TopicsAustin Community College30
06/22/03111PRINCIPLES OF REAL ESTATE IQualifying RE TopicsAustin Institute of Real Estate30
06/19/031111LAW OF AGENCYQualifying RE TopicsAustin Community College30
06/15/031200LAW OF CONTRACTSQualifying RE TopicsAustin Institute of Real Estate30